R. Dean Malmgren

Principal, DataScope Analytics LLC


My primary research interest is in characterizing how complex systems and their agents change over time. Motivated by the observation that complex systems exhibit extraordinarily similar organizations, I am particularly interested in exploring the possibility that there are some underlying evolutionary mechanisms guiding the organization of seemingly disparate systems. I also enjoy running and competing in triathlons as an amateur endurance athelete. In a former lifetime as an undergraduate, I played club water polo and, as captain of the team, we won a national championship; that was fun.


  • B. Sc. Chemical Engineering Cum laude, University of Michigan (2003)
  • B. Sc. Mathematics, University of Michigan (2003)


  • Predoctoral Intern, Yahoo! Research (2008)

Awards and Honors

  • Runner-up, Distinguished Graduate Researcher Award, Chemical and Biological Engineering Department, Northwestern University (2008)
  • Student presentation award, NICO Complexity Conference (2007)
  • Honorable mention, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2006)
  • NSF-IGERT Graduate Research Fellowship, NSF (2005)
  • Murphy Fellowship, Chemical and Biological Engineering Department, Northwestern University (2004)

Selected Communications

  • Northwestern University, Chemical and Biological Engineering Department Evanston, IL; USA (Sep 2008)
  • Yahoo! Research, Machine Learning Group New York, NY; USA (Aug 2008)
  • Northwestern University, Physics and Astronomy Department Evanston, IL; USA (Feb 2007)
  • Northwestern Univeristy, Chemical and Biological Engineering Department Advisory board committee Evanston, IL; USA (Jan 2007)
  • INFORMS Annual Meeting Washington, DC; USA (Nov 2008)
  • INFORMS Annual Meeting Seattle, WA; USA (Oct 2007)
  • StatPhys23 Satellite Conference on Complex Systems Pula, Cagliari; ITA (Jul 2007)
  • NICO Complexity Conference Evanston, IL; USA (Apr 2007)
  • AIChE Annual Meeting Cincinnati, OH; USA (Nov 2005)
  • CNLS Collectives Formation in Biological and Social Systems Sante Fe, NM; USA (Apr 2005)