Sebastian Bernasek

Graduate Student

Chemical and Biological Engineering
2145 Sheridan Road (Room E136)
EvanstonIL 60208USA
Phone: +1 630-624-9699


Sebastian joined the lab in late 2014 as a chemical engineering graduate student co-advised by Luis Amaral and Neda Bagheri. His research interests span a wide variety of topics from sustainability to complex systems. He is currently developing a control theoretic model in order to elucidate evolutionary forces that shape gene regulatory network topologies. He is particularly interested in the tradeoffs between speed, efficiency, and robustness against failure during the development of complex organisms.

Originally from Northern California, Sebastian studied chemical engineering at UC Santa Barbara. His undergraduate career included a year abroad at Imperial College London, as well as an introduction to academic research in Professor Gary Leal’s fluid mechanics group. After graduating he joined a renewable energy startup named LanzaTech, where he worked toward the scale-up and commercialization of a biological syngas conversion process. He left the company in 2014 in order to pursue his research interests at Northwestern.


  • B. Sc. Chemical Engineering, University of California Santa Barbara (2012)