Aditya Jain



I can proudly claim to be the only Texan currently in the lab. Furthermore, I’m from a suburb of Houston called Sugar Land (I know it sounds strange but I promise it’s a real place), but I guess that’s just another Texas oddity like saying the Texas Pledge of Allegiance every day in school.

I’m an undergraduate student, Class of 2018, in the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern. I’m planning on a dual major in Industrial Engineering and Applied Mathematics with a minor in German. My array of interests led me to the Amaral Lab, and I joined the lab the summer after the conclusion of my freshman year.

I’ve been working with Adam Pah on the project regarding the analysis of school shootings. My personal subset of this project has involved developing a more complete database of school shootings in the United States via machine learning and web scraping tools. Through working on this subset of the initial school shootings project, I ran into many obstacles regarding media representation of school shootings, so I’m now working on analyzing school shooting events and their representation in the media.