Setting up a new development environment

Setting up your development environment on a new computer can be a pain. You start by installing your favorite editor (sublime, vim, emacs, spacemacs, etc.). After that you need to install all your essential packages and plugins (the ones that make you go How can your live without XX? This is impossible to work. every time a colleague asks you to check out something on their computer). Then, if you work with a scripting language like python or ruby, you also need to download an interpreter and configure it for your projects. In our lab we use pyenv which makes this part super easy. Finally you go into the little details and configure the look and feel of the operating system (shell prompt, aliases, handy functions etc), and also set up all the environment variables that connect all the part… Like I said, setting up a dev environment on a new computer can be a pain.

Fortunately a lot of programmers have had this problem before, and since most of them hate having to do the same task more than once, they came up with ways to automate this painful and tedious process.

Find out how you can automate this process with our new guide!