Alumni consulting company acquired by Ideo

Ideo is a San Francisco Bay Area consulting firm that helps companies design new products and services. It has 52 employees in Chicago and will add 16 more, including 15 data scientists, with the acquisition of Datascope Analytics.

Datascope, founded by two Northwestern University and Amaral Lab alumni, has partnered with Ideo on previous projects in the past few years. Among its customers are Motorola and Procter & Gamble. The firm has nearly doubled its team in the past year, said co-founder Dean Malmgren.

Travis Lee, who leads Ideo’s Chicago office said that “adding data science is about being able to build smart objects and services. We’re now in sectors like transportation or health care, where everyone’s interested in more tailored interactions.”

(Shamelessly plagiarized from Crain’s newsreport)